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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Rocky Mountain National Park

Has anyone hiked through the Rocky Mt. National Park in Colorado? This is an experience that has to be undertaken in order to fully appreciate. Perhaps it seemed extra spectacular to me since I had never been west of Minnesota prior to this Colorado trip. In fact, the largest mountain range I had ever seen prior to visiting Colorado was the Appalachian Mountains through Pennsylvania (1,500 ft.). Let me tell you that when i saw the Rocky Mountains (14,000 ft.) I almost peed my pants...well, not literally. This shot was taken deep into the Rocky Mountains, about 10,000 ft. up. This particular waterfall was so delicate compared to most of the other waterfalls created by the mountain rivers and streams. The water was extremely clean and cold, and we often cupped it with our hands and drank it fresh out of the river. This is an HDR shot, but with a lot of burning and dodging work done in Photoshop to enhance depth and give a sense of 3 dimensionality.

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