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Monday, April 25, 2011

Sign up! Sign up!

OK guys. Here's the story. I need people who view this blog to actually sign up and follow it. While I have only 5 official 'followers', I know that there are many more who check this blog out because the "page viewed" tab is close to 200. Admittedly, most of those views are from my mother, but not all of them! So, if you take a few minutes and sign up as a follower of this blog, you will automatically be emailed the daily post. How convenient is that? Also, once I have enough official followers, I can start to kick this blog up a notch with photo contests, critiques, tutorials, etc. Tell your friends, tell your family, tell the guy sitting next to you on the subway (well, not if he looks like a lunatic), tell anyone you can think of about this blog and have them sign up too. Just email them the link. Signing up is pretty self-explanatory. Just hit the "follow" button. You need to have a google account (e.g., gmail), but if you don't have one it only takes a minute to create one. Mucho Thanks!!!

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