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Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Time of the Past

It was one of those cold, rainy days with some really cool storm clouds above. I knew it was a great photo opp. day and that I should really get my lazy butt out there and find some shots, but i really hate shooting in weather like this. Oh well. the glamorous life of a photographer. :)  I am pretty lucky in one regard...I live in a really cool tourist town with lots of great stuff to photograph. This is our local 1920's steam locomotive that takes folks on a train ride reminiscent of the golden era of steam railroading. Here's a little tip to help your photos pop. This is a very basic, photography101 tip so I apologize to all you seasoned photographers. The more advanced tips will come in time. Humans are attracted to light, similar to bugs. Hence, those disgusting bug zappers. Bugs are drawn to the light, as are people. SO...try to place the main subject of your photograph in the brightest area of the frame. Notice how the clouds around the train are bright in comparison to the other areas of the sky. This can also be accomplished in Photoshop with some dodging and burning. More to come.....

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