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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The City That Never Sleeps

My regulars know how much I love NYC. I've posted several shots of Manhattan and shared some stories about adventures I've had in the city. But, out of all my New York images, I feel like this one captures the spirit of NY the best. Although much different from my regular work, which is very colorful and saturated, this black and white speaks volumes to the dizzying depths of this city. The bright lights, the liveliness, the humbling heights of the buildings....This shot was taken midtown on 6th Ave., a few blocks from Time Square. So here's the story behind this image. My husband and I were in NY celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary. Thankfully, my husband also enjoys photography so he didn't mind that our anniversary trip doubled as a photography expedition. We spent most of this evening hopping between different roof-top lounges/bars so that I could get some skyline shots. Of course, you can't just gain access to these lounges and not order drinks. So, needless to say, the cocktails quickly accumulated. By the time we got to this location, which was around 1:00am, my ability to hold my camera steady was severely compromised. : )  It was pretty funny to witness...Here's this drunk chicky, standing in the middle of the street taking pictures of the sky. The funniest part about it was that no one even gave me a second glance.

The processing of this image was more difficult and time consuming than it should have been. Because i didn't capture this shot with the correct exposure, the night sky was much brighter than i wanted it. This required me to create a mask of just the sky. Masking is not my specialty in Photoshop. Oh well. Once that was done, the rest was cake. I turned it into a monochrome image using the channel mixer function. Messed around with the channel settings (red, green, blue) to increase contrast. Used the brightness/contrast function for even more contrast. And, Viola.  

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  1. Very dramatic image. Captures the experience nicely. You may want to look into Viveza, a Nik plug in that makes color and brightness control of areas--like the sky--much easier than making a mask in PS.