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Monday, May 2, 2011

The Deep Blue

It's been several days since my last post. I apologize. I'm finding that it is really hard to keep my original promise of posting a new photo every day. I guess I didn't take into account issues that may arise which would prevent one from getting on the computer and maintaining one's blog. For instance, a pain-in-the-*ss cold that never seems to go away. Who gets a cold in April anyways? But, i shouldn't make excuses. The next time I have a fever, am in a cold sweat, and am coughing up major yukies, I promise to get my lazy butt on the computer and post a pic for my 9 loyal followers. Wow!!! We're up to 9 followers. Cool. Now, you 9 have to email this blog to a friend and tell them to subscribe. Pretty soon, we'll have 18, then 36, then 72, get the point.

This is a shot of Manasquan Beach, NJ shortly after sunrise. The lighting was perfect. It is an HDR, 7 exposures, from +3 to -3. For all you HDR photographers, any time you shoot into the sun, always use 7 exposures. Anything less, and you risk not capturing the full range of light.

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