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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Follow Me Brother...

So, what was i going for in this shot? I desperately wanted to capture that special bond, that camaraderie, between siblings. As an only child myself, I never really knew this type of kinship. However, I have my own personal idea of what a sibling relationship is like, which is depicted in this image. Now, I know many of you who have siblings will dispute the loving and protective type of relationship I depicted in this image. Perhaps having a brother or sister is not all gum drops and rainbows...But, I do believe that there is a special connection between a brother and a sister, especially when the sister is a bit older, that develops early on in the relationship. Women have a natural propensity to nuture, even as young children. You may see this nuturing tendency directed toward baby dolls, or stuffed animals, or the family pet. But, when a young girl has a younger sibling to nurture, this propensity becomes quite pronounced. Granted, this relationship dynamic may dissipate a bit during adolesence. But, in many cases, it returns once the siblings are adults. I so do wish I had this relationship while growing up...As crazy as your brother or sister may drive you, take a moment and think about the good stuff...because unless you grew up with Charles Manson as a sibling, there has to be some 'good stuff'.
This image really pulls me in. I love how the sister, who looks a bit older, is holding her brother's hand and leading him into the woods. She is the protector...prepared to lead the way and make sure every step is safe before her brother follows. Technically, this image is not one of my best. If you examine it with a magnifying glass you'll see that the foreground flowers are not as in focus as they should be. I purposely took the photograph with a large aperture (f/2.8) so that the background would be in soft focus. However, when you do this, you should at least have the foreground in focus...but this foreground is still a bit soft. Oh well.
Would love to hear your thoughts mates!! Cheers.


  1. Technically speaking, it is still one of the best photos I've seen recently. But when you spice it up with your story - it's just wonderful.

  2. Thank you friend! i always try to add a small story with my photographs to, as you say, 'spice it up' a bit. Thanks for visiting my blog. Come back soon. Cheers!