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Friday, May 20, 2011

He Guessed It...

Hey folks! Well, we have a winner of the 'Where in the World was This Taken' post from yesterday. That image, while it looked like it was taken in some far away land like Morocco or Uzbekistan, was actually taken in Central Park, NYC!! I almost fell over when i came across this tunnel/passageway in Central Park. Who would have thought... One of you guessed it. Perhaps because this individual knows me pretty well, and knows how much I love NYC, he was able to 'connect the dots'. Neverthelss, the focus of this blog is Phil W., as he is known on Flickr. Phil is not only a good friend of mine, he is also an avid nature photographer who specializes in bird photography. Phil has traveled the world with his camera, photographing birds from the most remote sections of the globe. This particular shot was taken in Antarctica. Absolutely amazing! Phil has taught many photography workshops and has given numerous presentations on his world travels. Visit his Flickr site Phils Flickr
as it is well worth the click!!


  1. Hey, Nat, thanks for the plug! Always enjoy seeing your work.