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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Magic Fountain

Woa!!! This is a bright one. You almost need sunglasses to view this pic. This image represents the future of photography. Really! I mean, not all photographs are going to be this saturated and bright, but this type of edgy, vivid, extreme HDR photography is becoming a real trend among photographers/artists. This is not my usual style as you know, and my images tend to be a bit more toned down and realistic...But, I couldn't resist. This stuff is really fun to create and I kind of like it. I love the blues and greens and the water droplets falling into the pond. I think this type of photographic art is an acquired oysters or curry. So, what do you guys think? I'd really like to know. Leave some comments.

Image Processing
So, this is an HDR image, using 5 exposures (-2 to +2). I processed this image in Photomatix using more extreme settings than usual. I normally never set the light smoothing to below 0, but for this one i set it at -2. Saturation and luminosity were cranked up a bit higher than normal as well. Once it was processed in Photomatix, I brought it into Photoshop with all 5 original exposures. I needed to do a lot of work masking in the water from different exposures because Photomatix left the water infested with chromatic abberations and ghosting marks. Almost every water droplet had a ghosting ring around it. That sucked. After I was done in Photoshop, I used PhotoTools to add that 'Pop'. Specifically, I used the color intensity and contrast filter. And there you have it... One very bright and Futuristic photograph.

Before/After Photo Slider Plugin
Has anyone seen that really cool feature that some photographers have on their blogs/websites wherein you put your mouse over a picture and move a little slider to the left and right, and the before and after versions of the picture are revealed? I absolutely love this feature and i really want to install so I can use it for this blog. Here's my question...Does anyone know of a plugin for this feature that is easy to install? The only one I could find was through WordPress and it's a very difficult installation process. You have to be knowledgable in website design in order to install it. I'm looking for a plugin or software program that i can just click a few buttons and, viola, it's ready to use. If anyone can help me out with this, please shoot me an email at

Gracias amigos!!

1 comment:

  1. Nice. Although that PP work on the water drops must have taken forever. I wonder what and HDR of the fountain would look like with a 5 or 6 stop ND filter, to get long exposures.