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Friday, May 13, 2011



Ever been to Philly? A very interesting city. It is unlike most big cities in that Philadelphia has a very old spirit. There is so much history to Philadelphia, and you really feel that history when you walk around this place. Whenever I think of Philadelphia, images from the movie Rocky come to mind. I guess that's what I associate with Philly...Rocky Balboa...Mickey...Yo Adrianne...and of course, Rocky jogging up all of those steps in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I can hear the Rocky theme song playing in my head. Anyways, anyone who has seen that movie knows what those old Philadelphia neighborhoods look like, and that is precisely what they look like in real life. Of course, not all of the sections of Philly are old and industrial like that. Downtown Philly is quite gorgeous actually. But, this image represents the way I "see" Philadelphia, with lots of old bridges like this one, railroad tracks, and grafittied walls (which, if you look very closely you can see at the end of the bridge). By the way, if you're ever in Philadelphia, make sure you stop by the Philly Museum of Art...That bronze statue of Rocky stands proudly on the front lawn. :) Go Rocky!!!

This is an HDR image, taken with 5 exposures (-2 to +2). Exposure compensation was set at +1 because it was a pretty bright day out. Processed in photomatix and post processed in Photoshop. Once tone mapped version and all 5 exposures were put on seperate layers in photoshop, I cleaned the image up by taking bits and pieces from the other exposures and masking them into the tone mapped image. I did some dodging and burning around the bridge, and cloned out the lightpost and some foliage on ground, as you can see. I also used Free Transform to straighten the image out as there was some distortion due to using a wide angle lens. The real 'Pop" was achieved using a few filters in Phototools. Viola!

Improvements to Blog Site and Upcoming Features
My regular blog followers will have noticed that I changed the format of my blog site. I hope you guys like the "decorating" changes. I consulted with some friends of mine who are web designers, and they felt that my blog was not reader friendly. In retrospect, I'd have to agree. I feel like these new changes make it much easier to read the posts and find all the gadgets. Beside the decor changes, I added a gadget on the right where people can type in their email address to have my daily posts emailed directly to them. I also added Facebook and Twitter icons that you can click to post (or tweet) my blog to your family and friends. Hooray! Please let me know what you think. leave me a comment indicating whether you like this format better than the last, or any further recommendations on features you'd like to see on this blog. But, here's the biggest news of all. I have found someone to install that cool before/after image feature. It's called a "rollover" plugin, and when you roll your mouse over the image, it will reveal the "before" version of it. How cool is that? See...Persistence pays off! 


  1. Wonderful work on the sky. And I'm glad you got rid of that 1/2 lamppost on the lower right! You've developed some serious PhotoShop chops!

  2. Love the new format, much easier to read. I have used the new subscribe by email function too!