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Friday, May 27, 2011

A photographic Montage

Tadaaa! I finally got the 'mouse rollover' feature put on my blog. Don't you love it?? I met with my "computer guy" yesterday, who gave me a tutorial on how to program the blog with this special mouse rollover code. For anyone who lives in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, I highly highly recommend River Net Computers for all your computer needs. These guys are THE best. Their office is located in Frenchtown, NJ, and their website is

So, I'm a bit late today with my post as i usually do my posts in the morning. The reason?? It took me the last 6 hours to create this baby. My photographic montage. This is something new i am teaching myself how to do in Photoshop. Not easy...but i love the creative freedom it allows. If you roll over the picture with your mouse, you'll see the image that i started with. Not much to work with. right? I created this image by blending different images together. Some say that this technique is the closest approach that photographers have to painting. Perhaps that is why I love it so much. The's very time consuming. This image was created from 4 separate images. The sky and background trees were one image, the farmhouse was another, the flowers were another, and the tree on the left side was another. Lots of steps are involved in this process, in order to make the image look realistic. I am planning on posting a detailed tutorial on this process in the near stay tuned. Cheers!!


  1. Congrats on getting the rollover to work! You have some seriously lovely pictures here.

  2. Very nice, Nat. Quite a lot of work.

  3. Thank you both!! Yes, it's a lot of work...but enjoyable.
    adventuresinpointingandshooting: I like your blog mate! I'll check in regularly.

  4. i myself would dearly love to see you tutorial, as I could use some new techniques myself. The picture above is a superb example of what can be done.

  5. Thank you l.a.b. photography!! I like the really dramatic type of photography myself.

    Your wish is my command 'The Book Of Drachma'. I will post a tutorial this week on how to do composite work.

    You guys should leave your first names on your comments. Calling ya'll by your blog titles are so impersonal. :)

  6. What an amazing result... You've got to love the additional creativeness Photoshop allows us to pursue... Superb creation... :)

  7. Thank you luv! Sometimes I feel like I'm "cheating" when using photoshop to this degree..but it's so fun. I can't resist. :)