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Friday, May 6, 2011

Three Brothers

So this was a pretty interesting day. I was in Central Park, NYC photographing some of the old bridges throughout the park when I came by this section that I had never seen before. Every time (and i seriously mean every time) I go into NYC, I find myself on a street or in an area that i had never seen before. I find this quite amazing because I have been in the city hundreds, if not thousands, of times. I guess this speaks to the vast density of this city. Anyways, i stumbled across this section of Central Park, which i later learned was a very popular area among tourists. Perhaps this is why I had never seen it because i was never really drawn to the tourist sections. I've never been to the Statue of Liberty either (just in case you were wondering. :) ). This area of Central Park  is almost surreal because it feels as though you were just dropped into a park scene from Mary Poppins. It is really quite beautiful, and definitely not the type of terrain that I thought was capable of existing in NYC. Behind this fountain is a large lake, in which people were rowing boats that they rented. The lake was surrounded by trees that were blooming with colorful flowers, and there was acres of green grass everywhere. This is so NOT New York. As I was taking pictures, I began to hear this interesting music. I couldn't place the type of music it was. At first, I thought it had a Native American sound to it. Then it reminded me of a South American type of folk music. I never found out the exact type of music these three men were playing, but they were quite talented. I asked them if i could take there picture, to which they were very accommodating. Their English was not great, as their first language was Spanish, but I was able to find out that they were three brothers. Their presence in the park and the music they were playing added so much to the ambiance. A very cool experience!


  1. Cool capture, nice processing. I only been to NYC one time and that was for 3 hours (Well, not NYC really, JFK Airport to be precise!)