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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Where in the World Was this Photo Taken??

Does anyone know where this photograph was taken? Looks pretty exotic huh? If anyone can guess the location of this image, I will feature you and your blog/website/Flickr page on tomorrow's post. Come on. Give it a shot. Leave a comment with a guess as to where you think this image was shot. I'll announce the location tomorrow.

This is an HDR image, created with 5 exposures (-2 to +2). Processing in Photomatix with the typical settings, at least typical for me...Light smoothing at around 8, microsmoothing cranked all the way to the left. Microcontrast at around 6 and Luminosity at around 5, color saturation at 60, and of course, strength at 100. Always set strength at 100. Then, I brought the tone mapped image in Photoshop along with the 5 exposures. I fixed the ghosted of the people walking up the stairs by masking them in from another exposure. I also masked in (at 25% opacity) some of the original ceiling as the tone mapped ceiling looked dirty. Don't you hate how HDR processing can make walls and ceilings look dirty? I find that very frustrating, but when it happens, always clean it up in Photoshop by finding the exposure that most closely matches the tones/light of the tone mapped image and use that exposure to mask in the area of the image that looks dirty. Anyways, back to the above image. I increased the saturation of the tiled floor to bring out the red tones. After Photoshop, I opened the image up in Topaz Labs and used the Photo Drama filter. Then, I ran the image through Phototools and used the Brian's TKO filter as well as the Color Boost filter. I then brought it back to Photoshop and Dodged some light across the floor in the foreground. Viola. Cheers!! 


  1. Great processing work. I have absolutely no idea where it was shot though

  2. Do we win a prize for getting the closest guess ??.. If we do, then I'm going for.. somewhere in America... lol... Regardless where it is, it's a fantastic shot, and superbly processed... :)

  3. Great shot, Nat. Wonderful use of perspective and nice post-processing. As for where it is, knowing you, my guess is somewhere in NYC, but I really don't have a clue.

  4. Thank you all!! I appreciate the feedback.