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Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Backyard Creek

Roll Mouse Over Image to See 'Before' Version
This photograph makes me want to take off my shoes, walk through the creek, and look for tadpoles. Ever do that as a kid? I discovered this beautiful creek during a hike around my neighborhood. It was hidden deep in the woods. Fabulous place...unfortunately, I later learned that this area is full of deer tic. Can't go back, but at least I got some good photographs while i was there. :-) HDR photography is so awesome because it allows the photographer to capture a scene the way it truly looked. If you view the ''before" image, you'll see that it lacks the color, emotion, and mood that was present at this spot during the moment I took the photograph. After doing some 'magic' in Photomatix and photoshop, i was able to bring back those qualities. Much of the work that i do to make the image look more realistic involves adding contrast to the scene. I do this by dodging and burning shadows and highlights to add a sense of dimension. it's hard to convey depth and dimension to a flat digital canvas. But, a good image gives the impression of a 3 dimensional space. I hope you enjoy this one!! 


  1. Great processing work :-)
    And yes, I used to go looking for tadpoles (in fact I still do!)

  2. Nice work, Nat. I used to catch frogs in a local stream as a kid, but not tadpoles.

  3. The original photo was quite excellent, but you post processing has taken it to a whole other mythological character. Good work, as usual.

  4. I so appreciate your kind words and your seemingly consistent interest in my blog. Keep comin' back!! I love my regulars!