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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Day of Fishing

Scroll Mouse Over Image to See "Before" Version

First, let me apologize to my blog visitors for going 4 days without posting anything. It really urks (is that really a word?) me when people promise to blog daily, and then go weeks without posting a thing. I'm guilty...I'm one of 'those' people. When I first started this blog, I promised to post an image everyday. Then...after a few months, i promised to post an image everyday, Monday through Friday. Now...I'm just completely lame and going four days in a row without a post. To make matters worse, I'm going to be "offline" for almost 2 weeks starting this Thursday. However, I promise to return to my blog with a bucket load of new and exciting images. I can't say any more than that...Don't want to give away any secrets. Shhh!!!

So, this is a photograph I took while fishing with my family on Father's Day. It's an HDR image. The "before" image is the tonemapped image without any further post-processing. This was a fun shot to work on. It required 7 exposures as I shot into the sun. The work in Photomatix was pretty straight forward. However, as you can see, it needed quite a bit more work. In Photoshop, I brought in the tone mapped layer as well as the individual exposures. I blended the tone mapped layer with several different fix the sun as it was too blown bring in more of the sky's reflection in the fix the clouds in the sky. Next, I increased contrast and fixed tones with levels and curves. The tone mapped version left me with a lot of chromatic abberation, which was not easy to fix. I hate this side effect of HDR photography, but it's really unavoidable, especially when you're shooting into the sun. I removed these annoying color fringes from the tree's with the clone stamp. Not my traditional "fix" for this problem, but it seemed to work the best with this particular image. Then, I painted in different shades of green in the trees, oranges to the foreground, and subtle blues to the sky. Viola!! 

Unfortunately, my blog is going to be inactive for a few weeks. I apologize to my regulars, and assure you that things will return to normal by July 6th!! I also promise that it will be worth the wait as i will be returning with amazing shots, loads of post-processing information, and lots of fun stories!! Please don't forget about The Fuse. Cheers!


  1. Very nice image, i like the warm tones and feeling of it. I look forward to seeing more when you get back.

  2. Thank you both for the visit and nice words!! have a great week!

  3. As usual, your photography was moving, and beautiful. Have a great time. and I look forward to your images.

  4. Wow! Now, that's a compliment. Thank you 'Book of Drachma'. I promise to bring some very interesting images in a few weeks. Stay tuned...

  5. Great work (^___^)
    Looking forward to seeing what you bring back!

  6. Shooting directly in to the sun sure does require a lot more processing doesn't it... It's one of the reasons I tend to blend in a lot of the RAW images these days... Your worked image is very nice though, with that golden light on the water..

  7. Really awesome!