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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Garden of Pink

scroll mouse over image to see 'before' version
Today is a good day...The sun is out, the smell of grass and flowers are in the air...and, my hubby is returning home from being away for quite some time on a business trip. Hooray!!! I'm in a bright and happy mood, so i thought a bright and happy photo would be appropriate for today's post. Who's feelin me? Anyone else in a really great mood today? Come on...Go outside and breath the fresh air! Let the sun warm your face! Everybody stand up and do the happy dance! ....or not. 

OK. I'll stop. So, here's the story behind this photo...there's always a story you know. This photograph was taken in downtown Philadelphia at a gorgeous park during this city's Cherry Blossom Festival. There are rows and rows of cherry blossom trees. Everywhere you looked, you saw pink. Barbie would be in Heaven here. The day I drove to Philly to take these photographs, i sort of got lost. Yes...I have a GPS, but I'm genetically predisposed to have absolutely no sense of direction. It's my mother's fault. She is a complete mess when it comes to directions. She got lost in our driveway once. No joke. Anyways, after driving around for several hours, on the verge of tears, all of a sudden I looked ahead and saw a sea of pink. As I drove closer, I saw this beautiful sight. A field of cherry blossom trees! I had found it! Harps began to play and angels began to sing. I had finally arrived. it was truly breathtaking.  The sun was out full force that day, and it was midday. Not a cloud in the sky, which for a photographer is not always a good thing. Midday with a bright sun is the worst time to take pictures because the lighting is really harsh. This results in blown out highlights and nasty shadows in your images. However, thanks to HDR photography, it was not a problem. I took my 7 exposures (-3 to +3) and brought them home to process in Photomatix. Viola. 
Dave...My Computer Guy
So, remember I told you guys about my computer guy...the genius who created the mouse rollover feature on my blog? Well, here he is. How cool is he? You can just tell he's a cool guy from this photo. Not only is he a computer genius, but he's also a musician. His band is called The Almighty Terribles, and I will post dates and places for his upcoming performances for anyone who lives in the New Jersey/Pennsylvania area. If you go to see one of his shows, make sure you call him "the computer guy," so he'll know I sent you. :-).


  1. Great story and image. I could do with some sunshine and pink blossom in my life right now :-P

  2. You need to go home to Thailand my friend! That is your element and what seems to bring you 'sunshine and pink blossoms'. I am sending you good vibes telepathically. :-)

  3. I actually did a posting on taking pictures in different lighting conditions, so I know whereof you speak. I have done some working with the images on the Mac equivalent of photoshop (which in its present iteration is really quite excellent), but I'm still curious to see what your computer guy can do. Anyway, your photograph is really excellent, and the touched up version even more spectacular.

  4. This is just lovely! No wonder you heard angels singing :)I'm loving the colors.

  5. book of Drachma: Maybe you could post a link to the post you did regarding lighting conditions. I'd love to read it, as I'm sure my blog followers would be interested as well! Post it to one of my comment boxes!

    l.a.b.- thanks for checking in and for the nice words!

    adventuresinpointingandshooting- I'm a big fan of vibrant colors as well...hence, most of my work. Thank you my friend!

  6. Natalie, here is a link to my posts on varying light conditions, and photography (albeit not touched up as you have so wonderfully demonstrated).

  7. Wow. Thanks for sharing that Book of Drachma! Really cool and a very concise example of how natural light can change the entire vibe of a photograph!

  8. Wonderful photo Natalie, the pinkish glow is spectacular.

  9. Thank you Ryan! Welcome to my blog. Glad you came aboard! This scene was actually quite spectacular in reality. The HDR processing just boosted it a bit. Cheers!