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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Moonlight Dock

Scroll Over Image With Mouse to See 'Before' Version of Shot
A bit more "dreamscape" today....Why not? Actually, the only element of this image that i added was the moon, and I didn't really "add" it, I just enlarged and moved the moon from the original shot. This is the actual moon that was present at the time of shooting this image. However, you can't see it in the original version of this photograph because i cropped the image to make it vertical. Consequently, the moon got cut out of it. Anyways, this was a scene that I shot at a very tranquil lake in my neighborhood. It was a beautiful evening...the water was very calm...all sorts of wonderful colors were surfacing as the sun set...and this amazing moon was shining in the sky, reflecting off the water. You can see the moon's reflection in the water, hidden behind the dock railing. I always wanted to take an image like this...even though these "dock" images are so overdone and all over Flickr. I just love them though. Simple, but thought provoking. 
So, I'm struggling a bit over my blog. I feel like it's getting boring and I'm not sure how to spruce it up. Any suggestions? I'm very open to feedback on this issue as I really want to know what you guys would find more interesting. I'd love to do image reviews, and have folks submit their own photographs, for which I'd provide comments and constructive criticism. Almost like a learning forum for amateur photographs. However, i don't think my blog reaches a wide enough audience yet. I also would love to have a little photography contest, with a different theme each week...winning image is posted on the blog...this sort of thing. Again, not enough followers yet. What are your thoughts?? Seriously, tell me. :-)

OK, enough rambling. Happy day everyone!!


  1. I really like the texture and intensity of the dock :)

  2. Gorgeous. One of my favorites of yours.

  3. Thanks Phil!...I'm blushing.

  4. Great processing job! I really like how the dock seems to come alive and has that almost alive feeling to it. I also like how you have put it together where you can just scroll your mouse over it to view the before shot. Nice trick.

    Natalie Wheeler

  5. Thank you Natalie! Cool name by the way :-). I checked out your website, and i love it. You really do find a compelling image in everything. Thank you for visiting my blog! Come back soon.