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Monday, June 13, 2011

Railroad Cave

Roll Mouse Over Image to See 'Before' Version

Happy Monday everyone!! So, to start out the week, I thought a bright, colorful image would serve well to wake you up and open your eyes. If you roll your mouse over the image to see the 'before' version, you'll notice that the 'after' image is a bit of a 'dreamscape', as we were discussing last week. I did some relatively major enhancements in Photoshop with color, mainly the water. This image is of what used to be a railroad track that ran over the water, and through a cave in a mountain. Now, it's just an abandoned railroad cave. Pretty cool though. However, I found the brownish water a bit boring to look at. So, into Photoshop i went with my paint brushes in hand. My husband gave me some grief about this image, expressing to me that it looks "fake". I would have to agree with him, but it's also a 'dreamscape', so it's allowed to look 'fake', right? As Peter Lik would say, "This is not a shot for the gallery." (any Peter Lik fans out there?) It's just an image that I enjoyed playing around with, but would never put on my website as a piece of 'photographic art'. In terms of post-processing information, this is NOT an HDR image. This was a single RAW shot, post-processed in Photoshop. It was a PIB (pain in the butt), because after I changed the water color with Hue/Saturation, I had to add a layer mask and paint back all the individual leaves and branches that fall over the water. I then added greens to the foliage and some orange tones to the mountain. Viola!! 
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  1. Very nicely done indeed Natalie... It sure looks very tropical now with your processing, and that crystal blue water.. Fake or not, I know which image I prefer.. :)

  2. Thank you Brian! I struggle with creating these 'dreamscapes' because I feel as I should be focusing more on 'real' photography...but what is that anyways? :-)