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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Reflection Lake

I had some trouble with my last post regarding the mouse rollover feature...sorry about that. Hopefully, it will work this time. If you haven't already, please "like" me on the Phusion Photography Facebook page. You can find the link on the top right of my blog page. Cool! OK. So, this image is of one of the most tranquil lakes I have ever seen. It was fascinating to photograph. The lake was so pristine. I felt guilty pressing my shutter button because the "click" sound seemed so loud. I love all the different shades of green in the foliage and in the tree's reflection. I also love how the greens contrast with the oranges/reds of the lake. I did some experimenting with this image by trying to use it as part of another photographic composite. I added flowers along the side of the lake to replace the open dirt. I tried adding an lounge chair under the weeping tree on the right. None of these things worked. They just looked too artificial and, somehow, took away from the natural beauty of the scene. Hope you like it!! Cheers!

This is not an HDR. I fear that I'm going  to lose my reputation as being an HDR photographer by posting all of these non-HDR images...but, sometimes I feel that the 'look' of HDR processing just doesn't benefit the image, depending on what the subject of the image is. For shots like this, you don't need HDR processing because nothing is really lost is shadows and/or highlights. The dynamic range of light is perfectly fine. In fact, I wouldn't want to 'bring out' the shadows in this image because the shadows in this scene are necessary and reflect how the scene looked to me at the moment i captured it. I did, however, spruce it up in Photoshop. I used the typical Levels and Curves functions to add depth and dimensionality. I painted in light and dark greens among the foliage, and oranges/reds in the water. I also added a dark vignette to focus the eye toward the center of the image. Viola!