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Friday, June 17, 2011

Wait For Us Momma...

Scroll Mouse Over Image to See 'Before' Version

Hey everyone! TGIF!!! Don't forget to "like me" on my Facebook page...the link for which is on the top right of my blog. Anyways, this image is my first attempt at bird photography. This is NOT an easy genre of photography, for real. A good friend of mine is a bird photographer. He travels all over the world with all sorts of camera equipment to capture these little creatures on film (or digital sensor). Although he makes it look easy, it's definitely not. When i compare this shot to some of his work, I cringe. But, at least I captured an interesting bird. These are snow geese. I thought they were swans until my husband told me otherwise. I followed them around a bit, waiting for a fun composition. I liked this arrangement... The mother leading the line with her head raised proudly...the little ones following, but falling behind a bit as they are not as fast as their mother. These birds are very elegant and graceful. I tried to capture those qualities also. The difficulty for me revolved around getting enough light in the camera required for a fast shutter...thus, a sharp image. I wasn't using a tripod for these shots, as it is not practical to use a tripod when shooting moving birds like this. So, I needed to use a fast shutter speed. However, I shot this right before sunset, so there was not a lot of natural light to work with. Plus, I had a polarizer filter on the lens, which absorbs 1.5 stops of light also. Even with the ISO kicked up to 800, and the aperture at f/8, i could only get the shutter speed to 1/200. because my lens was set to 200mm, I needed a faster shutter speed to really capture a sharp image. 
While this is not one of my (technically) best shots, I do like the processing. My rule of thumb...when an image has technical problems (i.e., poor focus, lack of sharpness, etc.), process the hell out of it!! I mean seriously, the image is already fundamentally flawed...I'm never gonna sell a flawed image...So, why not have fun with it in Photoshop? That's what i did with this one, as you can see. Enjoy!


  1. LOL... I can so relate to the philosophy of "process the hell out of it"... and I've gone back to many an uninteresting and uninspiring image to do exactly that, as there was just "something" I liked about it.... and just occasionally they come out a winner... but more importantly it's fun to play... and while you're playing you learn stuff that will come in handy for the images you can sell... I can see what appeals to you in this one too... Real nice Natalie..

  2. Great colors and processing :)

  3. Thank you! thank you! I'm glad to know that not everyone thinks my over-processing is completely offensive. :-)