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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Heavenly Light


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OK...down to business. 

My apologies to everyone for not posting a new image in awhile. When i first started this blog, I swore I would post an image everyday...i think a lot of people start out with that same level of ambition when they begin to blog. However, other "life demands" seem to take priority after a while...In my case, I've been swamped with preparation work for upcoming fine art fairs at which I'll be exhibiting my work. Has anyone out there ever sold their photography at art fairs? I'd love to hear from you regarding your experiences. This is a very expensive endeavor and I only hope that I can at least break even with my sales. I highly doubt i will actually make a profit this year given the initial 'start up' costs, but perhaps next year will render some profit. 
Aside from the upcoming art festivals (locations and dates to be announced in a few weeks), I have also been preparing to apply to a local art gallery. This requires that i put a professional portfolio together...not an easy task, especially for an individual with obsessive-compulsive tendencies such as myself. I thought I'd cut costs a bit and buy my own printer rather than pay a lab to print out all of my images for me. I bought the Epson Stylus Pro 4900 inkjet printer. An incredible piece of machinery...however, not an easy instrument to use. The set up was easy, but setting the color profiles and everything else involved in matching the colors seen on my monitor to the final output colors is challenging to say the least. After days and days of experimenting with different settings to no avail, i finally concluded that I need to calibrate my monitor. Haven't yet received the calibrating software, but once i run it and calibrate my monitor i will report the results. 

So, regarding the above image...This shot was taken at a marsh in Beaufort, South Carolina. This was one of those photos that i grabbed by pulling off the side of the road and setting up my gear very quickly before the vibrant colors of the setting sun was gone. I'm sure every photographer, from amateur to professional, can relate to this experience. This is an HDR image (5 exposures) processed in Photomatix and Photoshop.


  1. Nice work on the colors, Nat. How did you do the post-processing?

  2. Hey Phil! After creating the tone mapped version in Photomatix, I brought it into Photoshop along with the 5 original exposures....placed them all on their own layers...added a layer mask to tone mapped layer (which is on the top) and placed the -1 exposure directly underneath. Because the -1 exposure was darker, the colors were more vivid, so i brought some of that coloring into the tonemapped layer at a 20% brush opacity. I also hold the Shift key down when I brush along the image horizontally, as this keeps the strokes in a straight line across. i also used the eye dropper tool and sampled the color areas, picked a more vibrant version of the color in the color palette, and brushed it in with a Multiply blending mode at 7% opacity. This accounts for most of the post processing. i also cropped the image, used Levels, Curves, and unsharp mask. Viola.

  3. Thanks, Nat. You're the best at color PP in PS!

  4. Yet another stunning photograph. We can all learn so much from you.

  5. Amazing light and colours! I love it! :D

  6. thank you all for your comments. I'm so happy that you think my blog is interesting enough to visit regularly!

    Book of Drachma: I love that you feel i have something to offer to other photographers, but honestly, I learn from all of you and everyone on Flickr. Cheers!

  7. Wonderful shot Natalie... As for your printer woes, my brother in law had an Epson and experienced similar, and eventually had the ink supplier supply him a specific printer profile to match his monitor / printer and paper together perfectly... Good luck with the fairs..

  8. Amazing shot! I like it that you show the before image! :)
    I'm following you now!

  9. Love all yor photos!!!

    Follow your blog, one of the best photos ive ever seen!!!