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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

'Timeless' by Natalie Mikaels

There are so many styles of processing images. With time and experience, I've created a new way of processing images that I absolutely love. When I see a scene in nature in which I fall in love, I tend to view it through a dreamy-like state. Especially after staring at the scene for hours at a time, my creative vision of the scene tends to take on a romantic perspective. After months and months of experimentation, I finally discovered how to translate that romantic feel to my images. The above image is an example of this type of post-processing. This image was taken on the Mendocino coast of northern California. Having spent the majority of my life on the east coast, I was truely taken aback by the intense turquoise and green hues of the pacific ocean. As I sat on this cliff watching this powerful body of water, I couldn't help but wonder how many stories this ocean has to tell. How many people have fallen in love at this many heart breaks has this ocean many tragedies? As a photographer, how do I capture such a vast array of emotion and experience in one image? Well...this is what I came up with. My hope is that the viewer is pulled in to the picture, and maybe for one moment, can feel all that I felt at the time the image was taken.

SOMI Art Gallery- Opening July of 2012

More big news friends...I, along with two other very talented artists, are opening an art gallery in the emerging art district of Flemington, NJ. Somi Art Gallery, a factory-chic, Soho-style, space will feature the work of Natalie Mikaels as well as 28 other visual artists. If anyone is interested in becoming a member, or knows of someone who may be interested in applying, please visit to download the application packet. We will be hosting a grand opening reception to all who are interested in attending. Please shoot me an email if you'd like to be sent an invitation. Make sure to visit our site on Facebook and 'like' us at!/SoMiArtGallery

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