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Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Wild Photo Trip to the North Pacific

Yes...this is me standing at the top of a mountain at Crate Lake National Park after hiking with a 30 lb. pack on my back.Some say I'm crazy for going on these high-risk adventures. Not sure if I get this feedback because I'm a woman, or simply becuase I am, in fact, a bit crazy. Nevertheless, I am always proud to represent female landscape photographers, particularly sense there are not too many of us. I can tell you that the sense of adventure and sense of accomplishment in reaching these "off the beaten path" destinations far outweigh the risk of getting there!. Moments after reaching the top of this mountain, a blizzard began, and lasted through the night. By morning, I was stranded inside the park because all access roads leading out of the park were closed due to dangerous driving conditions. That part sucked, but at least I got to see this amazing section of the world. By the way, this image was taken a few weeks ago, in June. Yes, Oregon gets blizzards in June. Wild huh?

THis is an image taken during this same trip to Oregon, at the Three Sisters Wilderness. Arrived about an hour before sunrise to scout out shooting locations in the dark. As light began to permeate the surroundings, I was able to see a thick coating of mist hovering above the lake. Initially, I became excited to shoot this scene with the mist, but I was pretty pessemistic about getting a dramatic sunrise sky. There were no clouds to be seen, and a sunrise shot without clouds to add contrast is quite boring. So...I waited and waited. Finally, out of nowhere, two lines of clouds appeared and quickly formed a 'v' directly over the peak of the mountain. I couldn't have asked for a better landscape to shoot. The moment was quite fleeting though, only lasting about 15 seconds. But...I got the shot! The colors were breathtaking and well worth the wait.

So many more new images on my website from this trip if you're interested in checking them out. Go to Im already thinking about where to go for my next photography trip. Would love to hear from you guys with any suggestions you may have. I've been throughing the idea of Utah and Arizona around.

Best wishes and more to come,
Natalie Mikaels

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